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Don’t Miss These Newari Food While You Are in Nepal.

Nepal is one of the top destination which you should visit before you die. Everybody wants to travel Nepal to make their vacation memorable. Nepal is package of Rich Natural resources,culture diversity and many more. Meanwhile due to vast  cultural diversity,Nepalese people too have wide range of food taste. Here we have collected some top 5 Newari food item which you should taste when you are in Nepal.

Top 5 Newari Food Item

Newari food known as Newa Cuisine or Newari Cuisine and is also referred as the part of Nepalese Cuisine that has been developed from centuries and evolution of people among the Newars communities of Nepal. Food has always been the integral part of Newari Culture. Newa Cuisine consists of more than 200 food variety.

Newar are rich in their traditional and cultures of eating have been standing proverb in Nepal. “Pravatya bigryo Mojley, Newari bigryo Bhoj ley” that says non-newar communities ruin themselves by engaging in recreation while Newars ruin themselves by indulging in feast. Feast or Bhoj is what Newar culture need.

Most of the Newa Cuisine is rich in non-vegetarian food items and alcohol is also an integral part of their food item. Buffs and chickens are most preferred in almost every occasion they celebrate and items like Choyella, Kachilla and beaten rice are most consumed by food lovers.

Newari food items are available in every part of Nepal these days from street to five star hotels. The kitchen culture of Newari peoples holds a unique place and it holds an extra identity amid food lovers.

The famous and top 5 Newari food items are:

  1. Samay Baji

Samay Baji is popular and authentic traditional dish of Newari people. This contains the typical dish of Nepalese people and it completes Newari lunch set. Samay baji includes beaten rice accompanied by potato curry, fish, soya bean, pickles, and garlic, egg and meat varieties.

It is the starter of Newari people to every festival, religious activities and pujas. Samay Baji was originated in the old times Newari people who were farmers. They took it as snacks to eat during mid-day which do not need to be re-heated or re-cooked. For instance, this dish is served today also in almost every occasion or activities of Newari people.

  1. Bara

Bara is known as “Woh” in Newari community and it is also known as lentil pancake. Bara is especially made of two types of lentils black lentil and green lentil. It is usually use in special occasions of wedding ceremonies, birthday with other food. It is also used for good luck called ‘Sagun”. Other food items that are used in Sagun set are fried eggs, fried meat, fried fish and bara Wo for sure. Newars believe that this set of Sagun gives luck to the special person.

  1. Choyalla

Choyalla is the most popular Newari non vegetarian grilled spicy dish. It is specially made of buff (water buffalo’s meat) which is grilled and eaten as side dish or eaten with beaten rice. This item is also used in sagun with egg and wine. These days choyalla is being served in many restaurants and it is prepared in many households.

4. Yomari



Yomari is developed from two newari word “ya” meaning “to like” and “mari” meaning “delicacy”.Yomari Punhi is a festival of Newari community. This day is celebrated where prayer offers Yomari to god and people belonging to Newa community consume it as sweet bread gifted by God. Yomari is made from the steamed dumpling of rice and the inner part contents sweet substances like Chakku or Sakhar and black sesame.

  1. Juju Dhau ( King Curd )
Juju Dhau (

Juju Dhau (

Curd is referred as a Dessert in Newa cuisine and it is compulsory in every festival. Curd holds a special prestige in Newari palate along yogurt. One of the most popular curds is Juju Dhau, also known as “King of Yogurt” which is specially made in Bhaktapur.

Moreover, Newari cuisines are cooked with generous amounts of different spices like cumin, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, chilies and mustard oils and seeds.



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