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List Of Nepal Traffic Rules And Their Fines In Nepal [Updated]

Let’s checkout the important list of Traffic rules and regulations in Nepal along with the fine if you ignored the. According to the amended  “Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act of 1993”, there are only three types of traffic fine in Nepal. Some rules might not be useful for you but you should know the basic rules if you are planning to travel in your own vehicles or rented one in Nepal.

List Of Nepal Traffic Rules And Their Fines In Nepal

Source: Kathmandu Post

Source: Kathmandu Post

1.  Rs 500 fine

  • You will be fined if you are not wearing helmet while riding motorbike or not wearing seat-belts while driving four-wheeler.
  • Carrying passengers on the roof of your  vehicles.
  • Overload: You are not allowed to carry load beyond the capacity.
  • Using vehicles against the permit that you have been issued.
  • Reckless driving and posing threat to other people.
  • Obstructing the road.
  2. Rs 1,000
  • Driving under the influence of alcoholic drink.
  • Random Parking vehicles in public places.
  • You will be fined if you are caught driving without license or letting someone to use your vehicle who doesn’t have license.
  • Involvement in accidents or fleeing after accident
  3. Rs 1,500
  • Obey the traffic  signs or get yourself fined for disregarding traffic signs.
  • Wrong lane driving.
  • Driving a public vehicle without route permit from the concerned authorities.
  •  Taking more fare from passengers then you are supposed to.
  • Over Speeding.
  • Driving in prohibited areas.
  • Driving without getting your lights on during night time.
  • Refusing to take in passengers in public vehicles.