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Insight: A story of the storyteller, Nepal Travel Story

Few weeks back,Our friend (Chetna Nihure )  had a conversation with amazing traveler and today we decided to put in on for your so that how it feels to be a traveler.


The fascinating titles on Newspaper like ‘रारामा सेतो गलैचा’, ‘जानमा जिन्दगी’ and ‘Wah ! Tyamke Dada!!’ are successful to bring out the enthusiasms on the readers.

A documentary filmmaker, freelancer, photographer, poet, writer, artists, photojournalist, R.K Adipta Giri is an amazing personality holding the grand interest on traveling.

Well recently back from the  42 days eastern Nepal tour,  R.K says he’s at rest in his residence on top of parbat waiting for clouds to move and winter to disappear. And when the summer arrives, he’ll  be packing his bag again, setting his path again, and will be traveling across the heavenly land of glorious Nepal once again.

While walking along, he has made it to up-to almost 67 districts of Nepal. I must not deny the fact that this talented young man is an inspirational traveler to the youth like you, me and us.

He has been expressing through his words on the daily newspapers that Nepal is beautiful country to travel.

Consisting of geographical diversity, A sacred land of Sita and holy place of lord Buddha, Nepal also holds the religious residences of bhagwan shiva, the gorgeous High mountains, blue lakes and rivers.

Well, we suppose this enthusiastic happy soul with wanderlust is a real inspiration to every people who loves traveling and the people who think of traveling someday.


His weekly updates, his travel blogs and the timely articles on the newspaper regarding the exquisiteness the Nepal possess is really a contribution to Nepal Tourism.

When asked about his inspiring place: ‘Destinations are always gorgeous and you pick them since you already know it, He says. I am rather inspired by the routes those take me there and exhilarated by the talkfests i start over there with the warm people i meet.’

Though he did mention one of his travel diary of 90 days, The Travel Named as “LOLU-FE-RA”: Lo for Lomanthang, Lu for lumbini, fe for fewa and Ra for Rara and when asked about Rara,  he says “रारा त शब्दमा बर्णन गर्नै सक्दिन “.

Well this interesting wanderer has also attained Gift membership NatGeo Award  in 2005.

Describing the itineraries, he prescribes the wonderful places to travel too. While on his way, down the tour, RK meet the people, the villagers, talk to them, know about their dreams and life, the culture and traditions, Treasures their moments of happiness and comes to know about their grieves.

He captures their impeccable, unblemished smiles in one of his cameras and starts moving and tell the stories when gets back home.

This wonderful travelers Adipta Goes:

All i am influenced is, by the winding routes, the uphills and downhills, plains and gulfs and the folks within the territories ,their smiles and tears, the walls of which are endowed with the echoes of their small dreams.

He is a fearless traveler, who believes in exploring the unexplored visualizing the unseen and portraying the silences.

His words to the folks:

जीवन पनि एउटा यात्रा हो र यात्रा ठुलो प्राप्ती हो। देश सुन्दर छ,पहिला देश अनी बिदेश..

P.S: Let every traveler be an inspiration to you and make yourself an inspiration to others.

Travel, Explore And Capture. Know your country, Know Nepal

Nepal Is Safe To Travel.




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