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Top 5 Place To Eat In Bharatpur, Chitwan

There are plenty of option in Bharatpur to kill your hunger. Let’s check out some of the best place to eat in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Plenty of cafes are being opened recently to serve the customers with different taste.

Place To Eat In Bharatpur, Chitwan

1) Munch Time Cafe:

No doubt, Munch Time Cafe is one of the best place to eat in Narayangarh. Famous for serving tasty mo:mo, they have upgraded themeselves with plenty of addition in their menu. They are also serving delicious Woodfired Pizza ( Probably the first one to introduce)Top 5 Place To Eat In Bharatpur, Chitwan

Munch Time CafeThey also have in-house bakery cafe from where the fresh cakes and pastries come from.

2) Cup O’ Joe: New kid in the town, Cup O’ Joe is getting quick attention among the food lover swith it’s amazing menu. Located at Bharatpur Height, Cup O’ Joe serves various food items. momo_unoexplorer_cuoojoeThey are relatively less expensive in compare to other cafes. You can swing your mood with various drinks and treat your appetite with delicous food like Haka Noodle and Bao-zi ( Thulo mo:mo a.k.a big sized mo:mo). Their Waffle with icecream is getting quick attention among the customers too.

Banana Smoothie

Banana Smoothie

3) Chilli’s Cafe:

Famous Chilli Cafe situated in front of chitwan medical college is back into the business with new management. Re-innovated Chilli’s cafe is serving with quite different kind of menu to their customers.

Image: Bharat Kunwar

Image: Bharat Kunwar

You can treat yourself with various cheese based foods, regular food items and even with drinks too.

4) The Falcha And Pizza 911 ( Anusha’s Restro):

They are famous for delicious mo:mo, chicken kurkure & khaja set. They have one of the good service in the town and good place to celebrate family or group celebration. They do serve pizza as well which is relatively less popular among the customers.

cafe in bharatpur

5) The Blackforest:

New cafe in the town with more focus in bakery item. Situated in sahidchok, they are serving wide range of bakery item. They serves food item like mo:mo, pasta and other. Ideal place to go with your family and treat your apetite with wide range of food items. blackforest