Why Should You Travel

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page!-Augustine of hippo.

And it is in real that whenever you set your path to get lost,you open a new page,and the steps you take, they’ll ultimately jot the words down on your wandering journal. The query, why one should travel is an unexplainable one! The travel quotes and inspirational stories might not be enough unless one comes out with an experience, grabbing the memories on one hand and lessons on the other.

Chetna Nihure

Well as per me! All I could derive is traveling, being fun, leads you to the new routes of happiness. When one opens the arm facing the horizon with a bag on the back, she embraces the variety of meanings of her  unsolved question along with those golden sun rays.
Being a pedestrian walking on the trail you chose, at the end of the day you eventually find yourself left at a place with newfangled breeze along with those strong motivations towards what you have aimed for.
In a way, traveling is regarded as a meditation! one sets her path away from grief, in search of peace. The chirping of birds and gurgles of water when assembled are considered as the chanting to the wandering soul.
Traveling inspires a person to live her life with both acceptance and defense! It inspires one to prioritize the life, prioritize the happiness, prioritize the smiles and prioritize the priorities.
Travel being a book makes traveler a student, one learns and days after when one is resting on the bed of her home contemplating, she remembers the stories and the conclusions! She realizes she earned the smiles she actually yearned for. The nature,the trees,the birds,the routes, the people on the way, the sky, the air and the soil, Everything incorporates as a lesson at the end. The lesson the traveler will remember till the end of her life and the pages created might remain till eternity.

Author: Chetna Nihure, a avid traveler and entrepreneur is associated with Unoexplorer along with other number of Travel Startup.



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