If your sweet tooth is raging out of control and your craving for sugary stuffs are voracious, here are few ways to tame it.

  1. Swap out sugar for sugar alternatives

Simply substituting your favorite high-sugar food with low-sugar variants will do the trick. Substitute half of the sugar in recipes with the equivalent of a sugar alternative. This isn’t about losing weight but about loading your body up with less sugar.


  1. Replace regular soft drinks with diet versions

Nearly a quarter of the added sugar in our diets comes from sugary drinks, such as fizzy drinks, sweetened juices, squashes, and cordials. You can try flavoring water with slice of lemon, lime or splash of fruit juice.


  1. Go for fruits

The most nutritious way to reduce sugar craving is to opt for fruit instead of sugary stuffs you intake daily. If you eat a lot of junk food and processed foods, start by replacing them with fruits, one step at a time. You can also serve yourself smaller portions of baked goods or desserts and sweeten them up with fresh fruit or pureed fruit.

  1. Learn to go slow

Once you get the habit of going low on sugary diet, your cravings will subside. You will find that once your sweet tooth disappears, those hyper-sweet snacks you used to eat become almost inedible. When you’re starting out in your battle against sugar, remember that small changes over time will prove more sustainable than a drastic all-or-nothing approach.

  1. Enhance food with spices

If your craving for sugary foods won’t take off, try instead of replacing it with spices and condiments.  Instead of sugar; try ginger, allspice, cinnamon or nutmeg. extra flavor could be provided with herbs and spices, and from seasonings like chili, ginger, lemon or lime juice.




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