Nepal is all about beautiful memories that you should experience. Visiting Nepal will be the one of the wisest decision that you have ever made in your life. Blessed with range of beautiful mountains, landscapes to amazing cultures, Nepal is a premium destination for happiness seeker. Meanwhile, Let’s talk about the souvenir which you can buy while you are in Nepal for friends and family back at home or for yourself as a memory.

4 Best things to buy while you are in Nepal for a souvenir.

1. Khukuri


Definitely this iconic item should be in your luggage while traveling back to home as a souvenir. Famous for its unique style, this traditional knife was mostly being used during the wars. Occasionally, represented as a symbol of “Gorkha-Li”, this traditional knife won’t disappoint you.

2. Thangka Paintings


A thangka  is a traditional painting representing mostly Buddhist cultures. It is painted on  cotton, or silk appliqué where you can see a buddhist deity, scene, or mandala.

3. Pashmina

Image: Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia

Another product that you should buy while you are in Nepal is pashmina. Pashmina is a fine type of cashmere wool. You can chose various types of Pashmina on the basis of its quality.

4. Nepalese handicrafts

gift from nepal

Nepalese handicraft is unique and one of its kind. The handicraft items such as prayer wheels, traditional masks, puppets, intricately carved wooden sculptures, singing bowls can be the best option for you. Meanwhile, the real antiques (Handicrafts)  are not allowed to leave Nepal without certification from the government of nepal. You should have certified document otherwise you might be trouble in Airport.





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