Insight: Facts about Tilicho Lake, Manang

Tilicho Lake is located in the Manang district of Nepal which is situated at an altitude of 4,919 meters (16,138 ft).
Due to its altitude and size, it is considered as a highest altitude lake. Tilicho Lake is also one of the most visited lake in Nepal because of the popular trekking route Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Along with number of prominent places, Thorong-la Pass ( Highest Pass In The World) and Tilicho Lake ( Lake Situated At Highest Altitude) is the major point of attraction in Annapurna circuit trekking route. Tilicho Lake trek is a side trek from the Manang.

Facts about tilicho lake

Facts About Tilicho Lake, Manang

Name: Tilicho Lake

Type: Glacier Lake

Location: Manang, Nepal

Height: 4,919 meter

Length: 4 k.m.

Width: 1.2 k.m.

Area: 4.8 square k.m.

Depth: 85 meter

Volume:  155 million liter of fresh water.

Source Of Water: Tilicho Peak, Mesokunta, Muktinath Peak, Idam Phra glacial melt water.

Surrounding Mountains: Tilicho, Nilgiri, Khangsar, Muktinath Peak

Flora: Lonicera Spinosa, Oxygraphis, Alpine Buttercup, Alpine Astragalus, Cargana, Primrose, Gentians, Edelweiss and many more.

Fauna: Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep

Avifauna: Himalayan Snowcock, Alpine Chough, Demoiselle Crane

Religious Significance: Tilicho Lake is believed to be an ancient Kak Bhusundi Lake mentioned in Ramayana.

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Tilicho Lake Trekking Itinerary

Day 1 : Kathmandu to Besi Sahar (To Chyamche or Khudi).
Day 2: Drive to Chame.
Day 3: Trek to Pisang.
Day 4: Trek to Manang.
Day 5: Trek to Tilicho base camp.
Day 6: Tilicho base camp to Tilicho lake and back to base camp.
Optional Route:- Trek to Jomsom via Tilicho Lake and Mesokantula pass and fly back to pokhara from jomsom airport.
Note: You required certified guide to go through Mesokantula pass
Day 6:- Trek back to Manang
Day 7: You can either follow the trail to the Thorong base camp or drive back to the Besisahar.

Featured Image: Muskan Pudasainee