There is still this place in this world where there is a village which is out of any roads. Also known as “Venice of the Netherlands”, Giethoorn was founded around 1230. There is a story that when the people first arrived here, they were  left surprised by the huge number of goat horns. Interestingly, the name “Giethoorn” means ’the horn of goats.

You might not believe but this wonderful village in Netherlands has no roads and is full of canals, well and bridges (176 bridges). You need to travel here by boat or you need to walk. Boating is the only mode of transportation here. You can hire a small boats or  get yourself into the boat trips organised by local community.

Take A Boat Ride In Giethoorn

venice of north

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 Or You Can Walk…

Venice Of Netherlands

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These Are Whisper Boats

Wanderlust: The fairytale village without roads in Netherland

Oh, It’s Winter


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Heaven On Earth


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Giethoorn: The Venice Of North, Which Has No Roads In Netherland

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So what now, Book your ticket and go….