Note: This trip was made on Jan30 to Feb 2, 2015. Things mentioned below might be subject to change with time, especially fee for bus, home stay, etc.
Kathmandu – Besisahar – Ghalegaun – Bhujung – Pasgaun – Bagaicha – Pokhara
Jan 30 – Feb 2 , 2015
Jan 30 – Ktm to Besisahar by bus ; hike from Besisahar to Ghalegaun –  approx 5 hours – home stay at Ghalegaun
Jan 31 – Hike from Ghalegaun to Bhujung – approx 1.5 hours , hike from Bhujung to Pasgaun – approx 4 hours – home stay at Pasgaun
Feb 1 – Hike from Pasgaun to Bagaicha – approx 1.5 hours – Bus ride from Bagaicha to Pokhara – approx 5.5 hours – night stay at Pokhara


Feb 2 – Back to Ktm from Pokhara via Bus
– Take a bus from Gongbu(New) Buspark. We took a micro-bus – NRs. 450 per person. It took around 5 hours to reach Beshisahar from Kathmandu.

– We took another bus from Beshisahar to Khudi – NRs. 50 per person. It took around 1 hour to reach Khudi. As told by others, there is an alternate hike route directly from Beshisahar to Ghalgaun which takes around 5-6 hours. So you might want to check on that.

– We hiked from Khudi to Ghalegaun. It took us about 5.5 hours. It will depend on how you walk, though.

– It is ‘Home-stay system’ at Ghalegaun. There is a committee to take care of everything. At the gate itself, there is the office. Check in and get a room. As simple as that.

– With tea, breakfast, 1 night stay and dinner, it cost us about Rs. 600 per person. The bed are ok, dinner is Nepali daal-bhat, electricity is available.

– We left Ghalegaun for Bhujung. It took us around 1.5 hours. DOWNHILLS (includes some stone steps). We had our lunch at Bhujung. You won’t get any place to eat till Pasgaun. The Daal-bhat cost us around 250 per person.

– Then we left for Pasgaun. It took us about 4 hours to reach Pasgaun. And yet again, it is home stay at Pasgaun, didn’t find the Home stay management committee though. A person took us in.

– Early morning, we left for Bagaicha. It took us about 1.5 hours. Bagaicha is the bus stop for Pokhara. You will get light snacks; boiled eggs, noodles.

– The we took a bus to Pokhara from Bagaicha. The bus leaves at 11 am (MAKE SURE OF THIS FROM OTHER LOCAL PEOPLE AS WELL). It took us about 5.5 hours to reach Pokhara.




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