Hello, pretty people! How’s the winter going on? Well talking about winter, it is the season of wearing bulky jackets and socks, gloves and scarfs, much tea and much coffee, and yes, it’s the season you travel and catch up with the snow, isn’t it? Well, I don’t intend to bore you with the long story. Talking about the snowfall, let me present you a small portion of my Kalinchowk diary.

“Do you even realize, we’ve been waiting for you since hours!? I postponed the whole trip just for you, and what really you think while saying no to us”? It was me shouting at my friend on the phone. An hour later he arrived at my door calling my name.

Year 2016.

Day 1:

It was early of the February perhaps. We moved from Vanasthali to Purano Bus Park. Our 2 friends were there, waiting for us and mad at us, for it was already 12 noon. We got the tickets to Charikot. We were 4 in number. The bus moved at 2 sharp from the bus park. Well since we couldn’t get a sumo, we had to adapt the fact that bus is going to be local pulling much of the passengers at every stop. It was 6:30 of the evening and we were there, in the Charikot. Walking few minutes, we found a good hotel there. We talked to the nice lady on the counter and settled ourselves on the rooms we were allocated to. We had dinner, and during dinner, we talked to the hotel staffs and gathered information about the journey to Kalinchowk, like how are we going to get that place, which are the routes and etcetera.

Day 2:

We woke up at around 7. We got ready, got ourselves into the jackets, changed into the trek trousers, buckled up our shoe laces, our bags on back, earphones all set, phones charged, cameras on the row and headed out of the hotel clearing the bills of last night. We asked about the route to the people on one of those tea shops. Well, it was cold but not freezing. We could see the sky clear and sun up projecting its golden beams down on earth. We started climbing up a narrow path that was going to lead us into the villages. While walking, we found a small company, a little pup, whom I named Oscar.

We walked for about couple of hours, crossing all the villages. It was 11, and we started getting hungry. It was the last village and there is none on the way from now said one of the villagers. There are few hotels, like really few, that would serve you food. We entered in one of them. Well, each of us had the noodles soup, but I’d really like to share you, that nope, the noodles didn’t work.

Walking straight uphill for more than 5 hours, with just the noodle soup in your tummy, much of the possibilities of you turning into a hungry little devil. Ha-ha. Well, after lunch, we soldiers again straightened our sight to the direction we need to walk in.

She had this sharp bladed sickle on her hand. She was just right behind us. “There are huge bears in the woods. Taller than you people, stronger than you people”. Her words gave us the Goosebumps. She asked us the company, for she said she is afraid to collect the leaves for her cattle alone. But we didn’t see her cutting any. That sharp blade, a middle aged female blabbering about the stuffs that doesn’t even make sense, a dense forest, and no exit, just us in the name of people, well, the combo hit us hard. It took me into the movies such as wrong turn, shining and Texas chainsaw massacre. The demonic thoughts were playing with our minds. An hour passed and we were walking as dumb heads, without trace of a single word. She was still there, not cutting the leaves at all. A little time and we ran like never before. We had to escape, not of course because she was going to cut us down, because our own fears was killing us.

Well, after little of the running race, we were tired as hell. It was around 2 and we were nowhere around the Kuribajaar, our next stop. Walking uphill within the dark

woods, with some of the sprinkled yellow rays on fallen leaves, listening to the chirping of birds and the sound derived when our shoes stepped on the fallen huge leaves in the ground, the journey was still somehow interesting. The villagers back on our path suggested us to follow the poles as there are not much of the sign boards describing the direction. 5 hrs. Passed, we were in the lonesome trails, deep in the woods, with no people around, walking, tracing some of the footsteps on the damp mud and some of the electric poles which had the wires too high in the sky

We, reached Kuri bazaar after 7 hours walk approximately.it was an evening. We could see the blue roofs of the houses there, the roofs consisting of the snow. As we were much hungry, we got ourselves into a teashop and had a cup of tea and some biscuits.

The basic things as studied are food, clothes and shelter. Well we just had biscuits. We had ourselves into those huge jackets and mufflers round our neck. Now all we need was a shelter. We walked few minutes more and did choose the last stay in the row. We introduced ourselves into the motel and got the rooms to sleep in. we were much tired and it was too cold. We fell fast asleep after the dinner.

Day 3: After waking up in the morning, we asked about Kalinchowk bhagwati. The people in the hotel showed us the way up to the temple. We started climbing up the stairs and reached the temple up on a height in about 1 and half hrs. It was too cold up there. We bowed to the goddess, we looked around the hills, “oh, look at the view” we talked. They say, goddess always reside on hills. So, after spending some moments on that sacred hills and snuggling with the blessings we gathered from the goddess, we decided to walk down from the temple. Taking photographs, talking about the clouds we found too close, and the view we were unable to take our eyes off, we reached the place we stayed, down at the Kuribajaar. We went straight to the fireplace. We had lunch sitting there. Then, we thanked the warm people for letting us stay and treating us with their heartwarming hospitality, took our bags and waved a goodbye promising them that we’ll surely be back again, the next year.

We started walking back to the Charikot. It was getting colder and colder. After walking about a couple of hours, we felt something cottony falling from the sky. When looked up, well it was snow. It was snow of the year 2016. We were delighted to see that. We even tasted the snow sticking our tongue out. We made a snowman. We had a snow fight. We had selfie. We had wefie. We snapped the photographs. The snow was falling in a dense manner. For a moment, I wanted to build a hut there and wanted to stay watching that snowfall forever. That fall, it was precious. I felt like gold and diamonds, glitters and shimmers are trying to embellish me. I felt like I am lucky enough to get a chance to watch that marvelous fall. Well, after moments, we realized we are freezing. We started hurrying down to the city. We soon reached to the village where we had lunch earlier day. It started raining. We ran to escape the cold. It was almost 8 when we reached Charikot. We went to the same hotel, where we stayed in the earlier day.

Day 4: After waking up, We decided to take ourselves to Dolakha Bhimsen. It is situated in about 6 kms in the outskirts of Charikot. We walked about an hour. We reached the temple Dolakha Bhimsen, which is also one of the renowned temple and people come from far places to bow in front of this lord. After some moments in the temple, we again headed back to the Charikot. We were late for we had to reach ktm this day. We asked a lift to a huge truck. After reaching Charikot, we hurried with our bags, came out of the hotel and went to the bus park in search of the bus that would take us back to the Kathmandu. It was a short little trip and friends made it more beautiful perhaps.

With the help of this little piece, I intend to encourage you guys to travel, pack your bags, and set your path and move. Snow is probably spreading its wings out there, you spread yours too. Happy winter pretty peps. Stay warm, stay travelling.

Author: Chetna Niure Is A Avid Traveler And An  Aspiring Doctor.