Many people do not know wine and chocolate go hand in hand. If you choose the right wine to complement the right chocolate, it can be a remarkable pairing opportunity. Whether you are pairing the subtle, creamy nuances of a delicate white chocolate or the lively bold tones of dark chocolate with a favorite wine, there are a few pairing tips to keep in mind.

wine and chocolate

1)Chardonnay and White Chocolate

While to some the concept of sparkling wine or Chardonnay with chocolate is romantic, the acid in sparkling wines produces tart flavors when paired with the cacao in milk or dark chocolate. However, there is no cacao in white chocolate, so white is a fine choice.

2)Shiraz and Bittersweet Chocolate

The bitter and earthly chocolate pairs well with a smoky Shiraz. Because of the intensity of flavors, bittersweet and dark chocolates need to be paired with stronger red wines with concentrated fruit notes. It gives a slightly fruity yet spicy flavor to Shiraz.

3)Muscat and Milk Chocolate

Sweeter chocolate needs sweeter wine, or the wine may taste tart. Muscat, a white dessert wine with peach and apricot flavors fits refreshingly well with milk chocolate without being sickening.

4)Semi-sweet Chocolate and Merlot

The medium-bodied wine makes the perfect companion with semi sweet chocolate as the cocoa butter decreases the astringency and dryness of the tannins and the higher cacao content enables bittersweet chocolate to pair well.





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