Insight: Blackforest , Narayangarh

“One of those cafe which started to accept a “pay first” service in Chitwan but failed, one of those cafe which started to serve in disposable plate but failed”

My Take On Blackforest Narayangarh

My Take On Blackforest Narayangarh

Well, Let’s jump into the good or let’s say bright side of the cafe.

I am in love with this cafe these days and the reason is that i feel peace when i am here and on top of that this place is neat and clean and hygienic foods are being served.

They also have an in-house bakery but i am not satisfied with the cakes being served here. Anyways it does looks fancy and glossy. 😉

This line sums up my review –> They serves really good coffee

Employees are dressed in the appropriate attire and most important part is after the order or food is served, they keep checking on the table that they have served from an adequate distance respecting the guest’s personal space.

P.S: I had been through worst memories too like once i waited for 45+ minutes to get my order done.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5.