Traveling is always fun when it is in Nepal with all those Snowy Mountains and river with high rapids. You will have plenty of amazing experience whether you trek through the high hills or paddle through the white water rivers. Meanwhile, Sometime traveling  through the roadways can be the hectic and more frustrating. We will talking about few things to remember while traveling by Bus in Nepal.

  1. Deal With Construction Work: These days, traveling by Bus in Nepal is not so-much-popular among the people due to the heavy construction work in Highway. For example, Traveling to Chitwan (To Visit Chitwan National Park) is just a 4 hours aways from Kathmandu on a normal day but now-a-days  or atleast for next two years you need to travel with extra 5 to 6 hours in your pocket to deal with the messy construction work in Mugling Narayangarh Section. We are not counting the frequent landslides in this area as it might add more trouble to your journey.
  2. Restroom Saga: Don’t be surprised if you see your fellow traveler yelling at Bus officials to stop at random place for the toilets. You can consider yourself a lucky if you get chance to see any clean and good toilets during your journey so make sure that you have enough toilet papers with you before boarding.
  3. Be Sure of Your Travel Plan: Get yourself ready with every details of the place that you are going to travel through the bus. If you are traveling solo and planning to hunt accommodation on your own, then be sure that your bus will drop you at right place as most of the assistants working in the bus can barely talk good english.
  4. Good Food, Good Journey: Not only for the tourists, even the local traveler always struggle to get food while traveling through the bus. To deal with this, it’s good to pack some good snacks to avoid unhealthy highway foods.