We are pretty sure that “Trekking In Himalayas” is always in your bucket-list. No matter how old are you or where you belongs, you always looks to get a way to travel and when it is about Trekking in Himalayas, its like dream comes true for most of the people. Lets go through some important things that you should remember while planning to go on trek in Himalayas.

Trekking In Himalayas

1) Know more about your trek destination

Checkout the everything of the location where you are heading off. Read each details like weather, altitude and landscape of the trekking routes. You should do extensive research about your destination like how tough it is to travel, weather of the places and so on.

2) Equipment
When it is about trekking in new places then you should not compromise with the trekking gears. You can buy or rent trekking gears and be sure that you are equipped with high quality trekking gears.

3)No More Excessive weight.
Try to avoid carrying weight as much as you can. You should avoid carrying useless stuff with you while on trekking making your backpack heavy for you. You should pack your bag with the things that you need during the trekking in Himalayas.

4) First aid kit/Travel Insurance
Most important things which you should remember before going on trekking is First Aid Kit. You should carry basic medicines for possible future injuries. Another important things that you should not miss is Travel Insurance. To avoid further medical complication during the time of emergency, you should have a proper Travel Insurance.

5) Know Your Limits
Everyone has limitation and no one should challenge the limitation. For example, you should take frequent breaks during the trek if you are not used to the long and extensive walking. You are the one who knows the limiation of your body so you should be aware of it.




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