Insight: Top 5 Things To Do In Sauraha

If you are planning to spend your weekend in Sauraha then you shouldn’t miss these extra activities to make your weekend  memorable. Let’s checkout the top 5 things to do in Sauraha, Chitwan.

Things To Do In Sauraha

1)Dugout Canoe Ride


A dugout canoe ride is the best way to see the habitat of crocodiles in the river bank. Along with crocodiles, you will get the chance to see different type of birds and other wild animals. You can choose a ride  in a dugout canoe on either the Rapti or the Budhi Rapti River. You can book whole boat if  don’t want to join other travelers as Minimum 4-5 to Maximum 9-10 individuals can canoe at a time, depending on a size of a boat.

2) Elephant-back Safari


Famous activity among the traveler in Sauraha, This safari will lead you to the amazing dense forest where you can encounter with wild animal like Rare one horned Rhino. You will ride on elephant’s back on a special sitting with cushion made by wooden frame called ‘Howdah’. You will be guided by the Mahout (elephant master) will lead you throughout this trip.

3)Tharu Village Tour

Image: Sapana Lodge
Image: Sapana Lodge

You can visit Tharu cultural museum and can learn more about artifacts, tradition and living culture of Tharus. You can take this trip to experience the life of Tharus, which are the indigenous habitants of the Terai.

4)Jungle Drive

Things to do in sauraha

Jungle safari is one of the best and fastest way to discover the wildlife in the Chitwan National Park. You will be in the dense forest after four hour’s jeep drives which takes you about 50 kilometers inside the park, passing all sorts of vegetation and wildlife. You might get chance to see large number of wildlife species during this trip.

5)Elephant Breeding Center

This is the first elephant breeding center in Asia.  You can visit this center and see the female elephants with their young calves and another important fact of this center is that this elephant breeding center is unique as it is one of the only 2 in the world.




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