People wait all day long making plans and waiting, all week for weekends, all year for the right moment or all life for happiness. In this fast paced world, people want to achieve every modest bit of success. During every taut schedule they forget to live their lives at the small moments which bring joy and happiness that further leaves you as same old person striving hard to achieve something which turns out to be worthless.

Generally, happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have. Does it make any sense? The thing is that realizing the importance of every little thing in your life helps you to know what you actually want. Without self realization and self satisfaction, not a single person can become happy.


Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of mind. Alice Maynell has certainly proclaimed that the composition of the things does make sense. The things that make a person differ among everyone, even among siblings or best friends. The way youths perceive things differ from the old ones. They have more hopes and desires that dwell in happiness.

The qualitative findings also suggest that youths are happier ones. That very well, recapitulates the fact that they don’t have issues regarding the changing environment dealing with whole lot of pressures, be it from social background, cultural background or the overall externalities. Happiness comes from within, like choosing to be happy with whatever you do or have, not striving to attain it. People become happy if they let go off things, strengthen their closest relationships and take care of oneself through every possible means like physically, emotionally, or financially. Psychological studies research explains that generosity increases happiness. It explains that giving releases Endorphins, activating the parts that are associated with increasing the sense of trust, pleasure and social connection. Being altruistic and helping others financially also augments the same which further in turn, creates a positive feedback loop of generosity and happiness.

Now, if you ask a teenager, whether he/she is happy. The answer will be yes. It’s connected with their thought process and the way they perceive every little thing. We all need to be the same without focusing on the subjective matter. We need to have the same enthusiasm to get ahead during traffic signal and think positive. Ask yourself if you are happy. If yes, that’s great, but if the answer is no, do one thing. The foremost rules are think about what you love the most and get yourself a break. Pack your bags with no itinerary, no end date or a backup plan, just you and your wandering thoughts. Does it sound crazy? It might but it works, you will certainly find a clue and yeah, happiness comes within.

Don’t forget, Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but the manner of traveling:Margaret  Runbeck“.

Author is a Management Consultant based in Kathmandu, Nepal.




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