Traveling to different countries means,tackling with different people speaking various languages. It could be really handy if you have at atleast knowledge of saying “Hello” in different language. Let’s checkout some of the ways of saying “Hello” in different langauge accros the world.

How to Say “Hello” In Different Languages.

1. BONJOUR – French: France, Belgium and Switzerland along with french speaking countries.

2. HOLA – Spanish: Spain and other spanish speaking countries like USA, Brazil etc.

3. HALLO / GUTEN TAG – German- Germany, Austria and Switzerland

4. CIAO – Italian: Italy

5. OLÀ – Portuguese-Portugal and Brazil.

6. NAMASTE – Devnagari: Nepal And India.

7. SALAAM – Persian (Farsi): Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan.

8. ZDRAS-TVUY-TE – Russian: Russia

9. OHAYO / KONNICHIWA / KONBAN WA- Japanese: Japan

10. AHN-YOUNG-HA-SE-YO – Korean: Korea

11. MERHABA – Turkish: Turkey

12. SAIN BAINUU- Mongolian: Mongolia

13. SALEMETSIZ BE? – Kazakh: Kazakhstan

14. SZIA – Hungarian: Hungary

15. MARHABA – Arabic: Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Egypt,UAE, Eritrea, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Western Sahara, Yemen, Tunisia.

16. HALO – Bahasa Indonesia

21. TASHI DELEK Hello in Tibetan


So now we hope that you can atleast try this word when you will visit these places. If you find something wrong or missing in this article, please drop us a message or comment below.