Insight: 6 Places To Visit In Chitwan

Chitwan being one of the the fifth largest city of Nepal, is a city with terai people and their culture, a destination close to Capital and a popular point to travel to many cities in the country by bus. For travelers, it is one of the most admired cities for wildlife activities such as nature tours and safari. There are some wonderful places to visit in Chitwan, as it boasts of being home to rich natural reserves abundant in flora and fauna.

6 Places To Visit In Chitwan

  1. Siraichuli hiking

    Siraichuli (1,945m) , one of the highest hills of Mahabharat range, offers, spectacular views of the mountains and magnificient sunrise and sunset views. The view includes a wide range of Himalayan peaks such as Rolwaling, Gaurishankar, Langtang, Gorkha Himal, Peak 29, Himalchuli, Manaslu, Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, and the Chitwan National Park.upardhang gadi trail

    The trek to Siraichuli from Hattibang is challenging through rough landscape and vegetation. Jyandala village on the trail is a Chepang settlement where tourists can have a cultural experience. A tour of the village and accommodation at village home stay is recommended.
  2. Chitwan national park

    Enlisted in the World Heritage Sites, this park attracts thousands of tourists and visitors. It offers Nepal’s most exotic, endangered and prized wildlife and habitat. chitwan_unoexplorerWell-known as the inhabitant of one -horned rhinoceros, Chitwan National Park and the community forests provide shelter to several rare animals.

  3. Devghat

    Devghat lies 5km northwest of Narayangadh, is one of the auspicious site for the Hindus. An astonishingly tranquil spot, it stands where the wooded hills meet the shimmering plains, and the Trisuli and the Kali Gandaki rivers merge to form the Narayani. The two banks of the rivers contains numerous shaligrams (stones with round fossils inside that are considered as Vishnu’s incarnation) and lingams (phallic shaped stones that represents Shiva’s incarnation) making it a holy site and also the rivers join the sacred Ganges, the holy river of India.devghat The best time to visit the place is during Maghe Sangrati, as many devotees come here to bath in the holy rivers and worship the countless temples.

  4. Beeshazar Taal

    This typical oxbow lake system of the sub-tropical inner Terai Nepal servers as a linkage between Chitwan National Park and Mahabharat hills up to Annapurna mountain range in the North. Situated approximately 7.2 km south of East-West highway, this lake provides excellent habitat conditions as water hole and corridor for endangered and rare wild animals including Bengal tiger, sloth bear, smooth-coated otter, one-horned rhinoceros, white-rumped vulture, Pallas’s fish-eagle, lesser adjutant stork, ferruginous duck, gharial and marsh crocodile.

  5. Jalbire

    Situated  in the Mugling-Naryanghad Highway lies a place that is filled with flat grasslands and where a splendid waterfall is located. The Jalbire waterfall is approximately 60 meter tall and when the water strikes the rocks directly at the bottom, it seems to be like the water from heaven. Panoramic view of mountains adds up more beauty to this fall. Apart from the sigh-seeing and enjoying the waterfall, visitors also can enjoy canyoning. The cascading waterfalls, an amazing 100 m/328 ft high water when dropped at the top of the canyon, represent a unique setting for canyoning. The many water pools, the incredible rocky formations of karstic character make Jalbire canyon a superb canyoning spot. The surrounding jungle creates the perfect scenery for truly exciting moments.

  6. Meghauli

    Meghauli is one of the richest place in Chitwan in terms of wildlife, different cultures, and sports and it is located in the adjacent of Chitwan National Park. National crocodile breeding pond and Meghauli herbal farming in the buffer zone are the main attractions. The village itself is an enchanting place with a wide area for sporting activities. One can also see the local Tharu stick dance, tiger dance and mask dance ghost dance), which are popular in this village.  The sunset seen from junction of two big rivers Narayani and Rapti is really overwhelming. There are very well facilitated hotels, lodges, community home-stay and even Tharu community home-stay services for those who take a religious and recreational water trail from Devghat Dham to Triveni Dham.





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